Big Beachfront Property in Jiquilillo

This unique beachfront property has 122 meters of beachfront and a total area of 4.95 acres. The property is divided between two leaseholds. The first property is the beachfront of 10364 sq meters. This property is tormented with beach erosion and already lost a significant amount of property to the sea. The property has two beach house condos, well constructed and built up on a higher foundation. The condos are in fairly good state but need painting and smaller repairments. The second property connects to the beachfront and together they are one of the largest beach lots in the Los Zorros (Jiquilillo) area of northern Nicaragua.

The Jiquilillo area is very secluded, about 40 mins from Chinandega and 3 1/2 hours north of M

The beach houses are each 100 sq. meters big with bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and veranda looking out towards the ocean. The houses need smaller repairs and they would be ready to rent out on airbnb, as vacation rentals or for living.

Considering the beach erosion it would be recommendable to make a rock wall to protect and avoid further flooding. The property water well has been flooded and is now salty, it would be better to connect to the water well from the second property which is brackish. The houses are connected to public electricity and waste water goes towards septic tanks. The properties receive mobile phone service and internet is available. Palm trees and mature fruit trees blanket the property, offering privacy, security and shade throughout.

Considering the size of these properties the potential is incredible. The owner is aware that the beachfront property needs a rock wall to protect against further erosion and upon request can share details. Another option would be to exploit as much as possible from the current beach homes the next years and for any future constructions / investments built on the second property further away from the sea line. We believe that this property with some vision can be a great investment.

Videos of the property are available upon request.


• Deck/Patio
• Landscaping/Garden
• Terrace
• Water Tank

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